About Primordial Customs

We at Primordial are focused on bringing our patrons just that: artifacts from a time long forgotten. Humanity has been fascinated by looking into the window of the past since we first learned the world was much older than us. It tells us where our Earth has been and helps us see where it’s going. We want to give you a chance to take a piece of Deep Time home with you. Ranging from 1800’s era apothecary glass scavenged from Ghost towns to pieces from the age of the mighty dinosaurs, we have inventory for any ancient interest. Using a distinct blend of paleontology, artistry, and naturalism, we are dedicated to giving you products not only unique, but wholly primordial.

Primordial Founder/Head Paleontologist, Artistic Reconstruction

Ethan Storrer

Hi, I’m Ethan! I work as a field paleontologist in a private paleo lab and have over a decade of experience within the science. I focus on Tyrannosaurs but am passionate about any of the incredible species that came before us. Growing up, I never had the opportunity to own casts or real fossils from dinosaurs despite my love of them as they were very inaccessible and difficult to find. That’s why I’m proud to bring Primordial and it’s astounding products to the public. I’m excited and passionate about the idea of letting anyone with the same love of the past as me get to bring home a small piece of deep time. Outside of my work, I enjoy snow/wakeboarding, paleoart, movies, and animal husbandry. Thanks so much for looking into Primordial!

Co-Owner, Lead Photographer, Woodworker

Matthew Valdez

I started taking pictures as soon as I could convince my mom I wouldn't break her camera if I took it out, and I love building useful things. My curiosity of how things function, and how we integrate into the natural world has given me an appreciation for deep time, and the wildlife that remains around us. Luckily I have some hobbies that allow me a foot in the door of these scientific institutions, and I can facilitate seeing things people may normally have never seen. Hope you find your dad!

Event Coordinator, Inventory Manager

Anna Spangenberg

Hi, I’m Anna. I love working with/educating children, and adore animals. I am passionate in my belief of preserving the environment and ecological systems, and believe that knowledge of the past can help us learn more about the present and how to preserve it. I’m very dedicated to keeping Primordial’s outreach operations running smooth and keeping up with all of our ever-changing product!

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