Educational Outreach

Guest Lectures

We at Primordial love nothing more than to share our love and passion for the natural world and its rich history with others! Via our Guest Lectures, Paleontologist Ethan will attend an educational event, ranging from Elementary age all the way through University and College courses. He will bring both real fossils and replicas to discuss the themes and topics of the lecture (provided by the event coordinator). We also customize these talks to the specific ages, needs, and knowledge of the groups learning. An absolute hands on blast from the past for any educational event. Hourly rate differs depending on needs, commute, and requested biofacts inventory.

Birthday Party

What better gift to get the dinosaur obsessed individual in your life than a dinosaur skull showing up for their birthday party? In the Birthday Party program, Paleontologist Ethan comes with various skulls, replicas, and real fossils to both amaze and educate any age of person interested in the prehistoric past. In fact the person who is being celebrated will even leave their party with a gift only Primordial can give, a real chunk of dinosaur bone! Program is flexible, and typically varies from an educational talk and Q & A to themed activities and games. Content and talk is specifically customized to the ages, needs, and specifications of each party. Hourly rate is dependent on timing, needs, commute, which dinosaur skulls are requested,and which tier of party favor package requested.

Private or Special Event

Have a corporate event in need of a T. rex? A private themed class needing that prehistoric touch? Wanting your special screening of Jurassic Park to have an educational or authentic twist? We’ve got you covered! Regardless of the event, Primordial is happy to oblige and bring the dinosaurs to any party, celebration, or meeting. Hourly rate differs, inquire for more information.

Fossil Services

We at Primordial are also happy to help you with your own fossil or replica collection, even if we didn’t supply it! We offer the following services: Fossil Identification- want to know what that mystery bone you’ve had kicking around is? Paleontologist Ethan is happy to give you his best opinion, based off of over 10 years of field experience. Fossil Preparation: have an amazing piece that just needs to be freed from its rocky base to really show off how incredible it is? Paleontologist Ethan has his own private lab set up and is happy to assist in making that bone look as good as 66 million years old can! Fossil Restoration: Dropped your favorite fossil specimen? Have an awe inspiring bone that would be perfect of it just had that last missing piece? Primordial’s paleontologist has got you covered, and is happy to repair or restore any piece from your collection! Mounting- Do you have that awesome specimen that would be the centerpiece of your collection… if anyone could actually see it? Primordial’s Woodworker is more than eager to help you get that fossil laying flat on the shelf to really shine by giving it its own custom hardwood mount! Fossil Photography- Need your specimens documented? Have that perfect fossil that you just want to share prints of? Primordial’s Photographer Matt is at your service to take pics of any prehistoric piece! Project rate and/or hourly pay for all services is variable, inquire for more.

Education or rentals

Any other kind of event need that distinctive Primordial spin? Any fossil events in need of a kind of lecture or event listed elsewhere? Just need to rent a T. rex skull for an afternoon? We’ve got you covered for any ancient needs! Inquire for more.

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