Product Disclaimer

Primoridal Product Pricing
and Information


Primordial is proud to offer high quality products to any client or vendor with a passion for the past. These products include museum quality casts and genuine guaranteed authentic fossils. All casts are casted directly off of real fossil specimens with as little reconstruction as possible. They are painted to seamlessly and authentically match the original fossil pieces and are all aimed to achieve Museum quality realism. All fossils were acquired legally, ethically, and are guaranteed by Primordial’s owner, Ethan Storrer- a working field paleontologist, to both be authentic and accurately identified as the labeled species.


Primordial is happy to offer discounted sales for bulk or large purchased intended for retail resale. Typically, we will take off 10% for any bulk purchase over $500, 20% off bulk purchases over $1000, and 30% off any bulk purchase over $3,000. While this guideline is standard for bulk purchases, keystone items such as large mounted skulls are subject to independent pricing based around quantity, size, and negotiation of item(s). This guideline is subject to change depending on items and circumstance.


Primordial’s product inventory is constantly growing and expanding, but below you can see some of the most popular or most impressive of our large collection available for purchase. Further photos or information of any inventory items are available upon request.