Baltic Sea Amber

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Baltic Sea Amber

Baltic Sea Amber

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Real Amber pieces from the Baltic Sea, dating approx. 35 million years old. Both completely authentic, with the darker piece containing an insect inclusion. Comes in an acrylic square gem jar. Amber is fossilized tree sap or resin. It is formed when a tree is fractured or injured by damage, insects, sickness, or natural disasters, causing the tree to ooze sap to “cauterize” the wound. On rare occasions, an insect or other organic matter would fall into the sap and become stuck. The insects that are most common are small, weak ones that cannot pull themselves free. This includes gnats or small flies, but it can also trap bees, ants, termites, and even mosquitoes. This sap then hardens and fossilizes, preserving the insect perfectly inside.

No size variation, one piece possesses insect inclusion, the other does not

Each piece is approx. 1.75" long, while gem jar cases are about 2"x 2".

Authentic fossils with no restoration

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