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These real Belemenite points were recovered in the USA and date to the early Jurassic Period, about 180 mya. Belemnitids are an extinct group of prehistoric cephalopods from the Mesozoic seas, existing around the same time as the dinosaurs, from the mid Triassic (250 mya) to the Late Cretaceous (65 mya). They very closely resemble modern day squids, but unlike squids possessed an internal skeleton. The pointy guard on the tops of their body was calcitic and extremely dense, leading to these being the most common body part of theirs to fossilize. They ranged from 2 inches to nearly 2 feet long.

Belemenites range in size from about 1-2"

Authentic fossil with no restoration

With every purchase, you’ll receive an exclusive information card, elegantly detailing the unique story of the dinosaur fossil you’ve acquired. This card not only provides an in-depth description of the species but also showcases a meticulously hand-drawn illustration, bringing the ancient world of your dinosaur to life. This thoughtful addition transforms your purchase into a journey through time, creating a tangible connection to the prehistoric past.

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