Cretaceous Age Gar Fish Scales

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Cretaceous Age Gar Fish Scales

Cretaceous Age Gar Fish Scales

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These are authentic gar fish scales dating to the Late Cretaceous period and were recovered in Wyoming, USA. In fact, these scales were discovered at the same site where a T. rex was being excavated! Gar fish scales are an assortment and will vary in size, color, and shape. Garfish are a type of needlefish that can be found in the brackish or marine waters today of the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Black, and Baltic seas. Despite this, they appeared in the Early Cretaceous, over 110 million years ago. They became especially populous around the arrival of the North American Hell Creek formation, about 66 million years ago. They are a predatory fish, with sharpened, needle-like teeth and thick, diamond-shaped scales.

Gar scales are typically about 0.25"-0.5" across

Authentic fossil with no restoration

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