Split Polished Ammonites

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Split Polished Ammonites

Split Polished Ammonites

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These beautiful Ammonites are found on the African island of Madagascar and are stunningly preserved with zero restoration. They have been split, polished, and mounted with the other half so both the exterior stunning natural side and the gorgeous crystalline interior structure can be admired. Comes with a custom hardwood stand. Wood type and color may vary. Ammonites were prehistoric extinct cephalopods that went extinct about 65 million years ago. An incredibly long lived group of animals, ammonites appeared on the planet about 400 million years ago, but only went extinct the same time the dinosaurs did. Ammonites were also very diverse, with a plethora of spiral shells and ranging in size from a few inches to nearly 5 feet across! Despite looking similar to the modern Nautilus, they are more closely related to an Octopus.

No variation in size, but in color. There is a light colored one, a medium dark one, and a dark one.

Both ammonite sides are identical in size, each about 1-1.5" across. Approx 3" tall on mount, base dimensions are about 3"x 3".

Authentic fossil with no restoration

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