Tyrannosaurus Rex Tooth

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Tyrannosaurus Rex Tooth

Tyrannosaurus Rex Tooth

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These beautiful casts are molded off of real teeth belonging to Tyrannosaurus rex. Ranging from over 1 inch to nearly a foot long, one can easily admire the incredible size, recurved shape, and stunning serrations that gave the King of Dinosaurs its legendary bite. A must-have for any dinosaur fan, fossil collection, or scientific display. All sizes come on a custom hardwood mount. Teeth casts will vary in exact size, and may not be exact cast pictured. Tyrannosaurus rex was a giant predator that ruled the North American forests during the Late Cretaceous, about 65 mya. Arguably the largest land predator to have ever walked the earth, other meat eating dinosaurs were possibly longer than T. rex, but none as tall or heavy. T. rex was the apex predator in its environment, hunting prey like Triceratops, Ankylosaurus, Alamosaurus, & Edmontosaurus with possibly the most powerful bite force ever.

Dimensions vary by cast- Variation in size. X-Small teeth are 1""-2"" long, Small is 2""-4"" long. Medium is 4-6"" long. Large is 6""-8"" long. X-Large is 8""-10"". Giant is nearly 12" long.

Authentic cast off of real tooth or claw

With every purchase, you’ll receive an exclusive information card, elegantly detailing the unique story of the dinosaur fossil you’ve acquired. This card not only provides an in-depth description of the species but also showcases a meticulously hand-drawn illustration, bringing the ancient world of your dinosaur to life. This thoughtful addition transforms your purchase into a journey through time, creating a tangible connection to the prehistoric past.

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